Thailand’s government said on Monday that it had discovered 27 new coronavirus infections bringing the total number of infected to 2,792.

The lowering numbers has the Thai government considering whether or not to lift the state of emergency act.

There were 0 new fatalities with the death toll still at 47. It is the third straight day that no person has died from the virus .

71 more patients have recovered from the virus bringing the total number of discharged patients to 1,999.

“We have to thank everyone for keeping vigilant. We must remain vigilant as we can see in our neighbours that a little mistake can lead to the situation escalating,” said government spokesman Dr Thaweesin Visanuyothin.

According to the government, Thailand has conducted 142,589 samples. That equates to roughly 1,400 tests per 1 million people. This can be compared to 16,203 tests per 1 million people in Singapore and the 3,000 tests per 1 million in Malaysia.


A second wave of infections, including a record 942 in a single day on Saturday, means that Singapore is now the largest outbreak site in Southeast Asia with 6,588 confirmed cases.

Many of the cases are migrant workers living in dormitories.

The Philippines and Indonesia round up the top three with 6,259 and 6,575 cases respectively. Both countries are still dealing with the initial wave of infections and both governments have passed stringent measures to deal with the expanding outbreaks. Nearly 600 people have died in Indonesia.

Thailand still trails behind both countries but questions of testing and unreported cases still linger. Analysts also warn that lifting restrictions by the end of April could trigger a second wave of infections like those seen in Singapore.

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