Patient Plan at NBMC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

North Bend Medical Center is committed to providing excellent and easily accessible care to all our patients and the communities we serve. In these unprecedented and challenging times, how this care is delivered must be both thoughtful and innovative. We have made some changes to our usual workflows in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the effects of this disease on our communities.

During This Time We Pledge To:

• Be here when you are sick or have an urgent care need. Our Immediate Care Clinic is still open seven days a week.

• Enhance our Immediate Care Clinic by making our primary care providers and specialists more available to see patients there.

• Leverage technology that allows us to provide routine care through telehealth visits. This is a one-on-one telephone call or video session with your provider where you can share your concerns or refill your prescriptions, much like you would in person.

• Continue timely medication refills.

• Provide ongoing INR monitoring for patients taking anticoagulants.

• Be available for all immunization needs.

• Maintain our availability by telephone. Just call the usual number, or call our special COVID-19 hotline for more specific information about Coronavirus: (541) 266-1650.

• See you after surgery and after your hospital stay, even in the clinic when appropriate.

• Keep our lab open, and even provide service at your car if needed.

• Establish a safe and separate area for patients who may have symptoms associated with COVID-19 in order to ensure the wellbeing of all patients who visit our facilities.

The providers and staff at North Bend Medical Center strive to deliver the best health care anywhere. While the changes we are making may impact the way we deliver medicine in the short term, it will not impact your connection to your physician and health care team. Our goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients, our community, and our workforce.
While we weather this epidemic together we urge you to stay safe, stay healthy, and cherish this time with your families. What we are doing today will protect our loved ones tomorrow.

Reach NBMC’s COVID-19 hotline by calling 541-266-1650 See More

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