The organization or site manages specimen collection and provides staff to do it at the site. For example, a school would make a collection schedule and collect specimens from students. The school would then submit the specimens to the regional hub’s laboratory where the specimens are tested. If the facility cannot provide staffing, the regional coordination hub may coordinate staff at a cost to the facility.

Regional Coordination Hubs

Hub 1 – West – https://letsendthistogether.comexternal icon

Hub 2 – Midwest – www.testedandprotected.orgexternal icon

Hubs 3 & 4 – Northeast & South – https://operationexpandedtesting.comexternal icon

CDC has awarded nearly $30 billion through the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) cooperative agreement in support of COVID-19 testing and prevention efforts. In addition, CDC-funded the (ELC) Reopening Schools Award which supports COVID-19 screening testing and other prevention activities in K–12 schools to reopen and keep schools open safely for in-person instruction.  ELC funds can be used for COVID-19 testing and prevention efforts in correctional facilities and for people experiencing homelessness.  If your jurisdiction received funding under one of these mechanisms, the funds may be used for the costs associated with setting up a site and specimen collection operations necessary for participation in the OpET testing program.

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