Good afternoon everyone we are in day 11 of our covered 19 elite level for lockdown and as husband and the the case in the past on a Sunday I’ve been hearing the platform with director General of Health Doctor Ashley Bloomfield. I’m going to ask him to kick off our briefing today and after that, I’ll make some comments and then we’ll move to questions. Doctor Bluefield Thank you Prime Minister Car tour so today I can report there is an increase of 80 -, nine covered 19. Yesterday, 40 – eight of these are confirmed cases and 40 – one probable cases. There are no additional deaths to report can now report their 150 – six cases who have recovered from Covid-, 19 and fiction, so the total combined confirmed and probable cases in New Zealand is now 1000 into 30 – nine today. There are 15 people in hospital with Covered 19 and fiction, and that includes three and intensive care units around the country. One. People are classified as being in a critical condition. I don’t have any food or details or comment to make on those cases and to ask you respect the privacy of those folks from our lead numbers, We can report a seven -day rolling average of 2440 – eight tests per day. The total number of lab tests completed to date, is 30, – 6209 and there were 3090. We continue to have a sufficient capacity more than sufficient capacity to do the testing that is needed, including under the expanded case definition For those cases, we have information on 40 -, five percent have a clear international travel link a further 30 -. six percent are context of knowing cases, including those in the clusters we have around the country and we have confirmed community transmission Percent of our cases are still under investigation. We now have 12 significant clusters around the country with a new cluster in Canterbury and a further one in Oakland. This was a smaller class that has now reached that 10 case threshold the clusters with the highest number of Associated cases remain the same. All over case numbers have gone up slightly in each of the wedding and Bluff has 50 – eight event in Matter matter has 50 – six and the Number of cases remains the Marist College class in Oakland with 66 cases, The ethnicity breakdown of confirmed cases is currently European 70 – four percent Asian eight point three percent Maudie seven point, six percent and Pacific three point three percent. More details on all of these matters are on our website. A quick word on contact tracing there’s been a significant increase in our National capacity to undertake contact tracing both within our public health units that have additional staff but also Close contact service as of Saturday 4909 close contacts had been traced by their National close Contact service, which was stood up on the 20 -fourth of March and 702 contacts were traced in on a single day on Thursday. the team working inside that seem to now making over 2000 calls per day and there are 190 folks working and shifts there over the next week, there are couple of areas that I’d like to provide more information on and just signaling those ahead. one is on mental health and well-being a range of That are being implemented to support people in self isolation and to those of course the population of New Zealand who are isolating at home and the bubbles. the initiatives are part of a 15 – million – dollar package of investment into mental health and well being that’s been announced by the government and the second area. I’ll provide a little more detail on during the week is our Marty Response Action plan. I’ll hand back to you. Prime Minister Thank you Doctor Bloomfield as you will afford from the Director General, we now have 1030 – nine cases in New Zealand with the. Hipping reported today Well, I don’t want to draw too many conclusions at this stage. You will see that all cases heaven the last few days being relatively steady, We haven’t seen the exponential growth that others have the kind that leads ultimately to an overwhelmed health system. That is a good thing now what we need to do is see those numbers start overtime to come down. I’m aware know that every time we see new cases, it may be hard to see success, but we can be sure. That what we have done as a country since the very beginning of Covered 19 is making a difference. Economist. Rodney Jones was interviewed this morning and talked about some of the modeling that has been done using the expertise of his team, including a bio statistician and using key learnings and expertise from the outbreak of says. The modeling this is modeling that I have seen over the last few weeks and have continued to monitor closely, especially given at several points, It has been accurate and predicting New Zealand’s case numbers on the eve of our lockdown. His modeling predicted we had the potential to face as many as 4000 cases this weekend. We’re instead at just over a thousand those 3000 fewer cases shows the difference that accumulative action can make 3000 fewer people. With covered 19 3000 fewer people passing the virus on to others and then to others and into others we can and we must continue to break the chain of transmission as Rodney said. We need to get to half time and pepsi-free, but beyond that, to sort of see the full gains of the lockdown, but we have made a good start and the decisions that we’ve made to date have made a difference. I’ve also seen reporting and statistics from Google that gives us some insight into our reduction and movement as a nation that reflects in prison. High levels of compliance by New Zealanders with the requirements of being at level four and reducing context with others, there’s been a overall reduction and movement and places of retail and recreation of 90 – one percent even visits to the supermarket and pharmacy, which remain essential services and open have dropped by half going to packs is down by nearly 80 percent and while we are doing well at elite before we also win earlier but. Four that point in order to ensure the virus wouldn’t have a strangle hold here, and that was the case for many of our measures New analysis by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade shows we closed our borders, 20 – five days after our first case, Germany took 40 – nine days, Spain, 50 – Two Australia, 50 – Five Singapore, 60, – One Our first economic package was in place 18 days after the first case Of GDP bigger at the time than the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China Korea in Japan, a Japan and on par with Canada Our case rate in death toll is well below other comparable countries. Yes, we had the benefit of time because our distance and because our early border and Mass gathering measures also have made a difference there, but we had the benefit of a window of opportunity with the benefit of witnessing a terrible traditionally overseas you can see now. Just how small window of opportunity is to try and stop community transmission going hard and going early appears to be paying off for us. The lockdown is the best way to stop the virus, and it is also the best thing for our economy by making the pain as short as possible. So I said in New Zealanders be proud of your efforts that you have all made the sacrifices that you have made it is making a difference now is the time. To remain focused to not lead up and to keep our eyes on the mission that we will jointly share this is why we have strengthened efforts to go after those who aren’t sharing their mission and who appear to be breaking the rules as Doctor Bloomfield and the police announced yesterday, a new health ignorance has been issued to firm up the guidance around the rules in place during a level four and ensure the success of the lockdown and help move the country out of it as soon as possible and the police are in. These guidelines over Friday and Saturday, police completed 790 -, five prevention patrols and communities across the country and under took 990 reassurance cheeks at essential services such as supermarkets, petrol stations and pharmacies. While compliance has been generally strong, there are still some who I would charitably describe as idiots a 30 -eight-year-old Christ, Dutchman arrested last night after being seen on a video online coughing at people in a supermarket. I include in the description he has been charged with a. Dangering life by criminal nuisance and obstruction of an officer of health and will be appearing in court tomorrow before I conclude I want to do I’ll briefly on some of the discussion I’ve seen a mood over the past few days over what kind of public health response is based for the economy. I’ve seen it many times before and I’ll say it again no matter what it is you favor the solution is the same fight the virus, a strategy that sacrifices people in favor of. A better economic outcome is a false economy and has been shown to produce the worst of both worlds loss of life and prolonged economic pain. We need only look to history here as a guide. There is research available that looks at for instance in 1918, Spanish flu times may have changed, but the least an overall is that those who would zealously to stem the spread did be economically in the aftermath That is not to say. There is not currently pain and for those who have lost jobs for businesses making difficult decisions and for those essential services providing the frontline support networks. we all rely on. I know there is a real and genuine struggle in New Zealand right now, and I don’t carry that lightly. That is why the five billion dollars paid out for wage subsidies when a couple of weeks has been so important to cushion the plot below of going had and going early as we have in New Zealand, but never least we are. To feel the long term effects from a global downturn as a Minister of finance on Friday, I’ll message to business is still hold on to your people give them the wage subsidy if you need to and have a plan for coming out the other side in particular plan how your business will operate in different levels of the elite framework The Government’s focus this week reminds remains doing all we can to stop the spread of the virus, so we can move out of lockdown as soon as possible. now, if it’s remain far. Good levels of testing across all regions and getting a better picture on community transmission continuing to scale up our contact tracing if its as the director general has outlined and ensuring New Zealanders businesses are receiving the financial support they need. I also expect this week to receive food that advice from the Ministry of Health and my Chief Science Advisor and others on the evident space needed to have confidence We do have the virus under control and therefore can move with society out of level four and the measures that will need to be. Place at level three to ensure we printing any risk of the outbreaks public service announcement daylight savings ended overnight and this is the time when people are usually asked to check their smoke alarms and as we’re all at home, but more than usual, I’d say this is the year not to let that one slide. alright everyone. we’re happy now to take your questions in just five minutes. Would you describe David Clark as an idiot? I’ve seen both publicly and privately to him that I’m obviously very disappointed that we’ve even had to discuss his activity someday. Ago I think he he fully understands my position and equally I know the public due to I don’t think he’s being asked to restrict any activity that could be considered to put him at risk. In the same way. we’re asking every New Zealander to do that. We don’t want a situation where people engaging in risky exercise, for instance, causes there to be call outs or unnecessary call in our frontline services. None of us want that and say he fully understands my expectations. Him he needs to be a role model to recognize that he’s able to do his job right now because he appears to be hiding from me. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t place to find that way at all. I expect them to continue to do his job. Obviously things done even when he put out a press release on Friday, which is a good news story about ICU. We couldn’t speak to him about that again. I wouldn’t interpret it that way at all over there. Where is he He’s you know exactly where he is he’s in lockdown and so obviously remains in the same place that he has all the way through lockdown Ben and it isn’t needed and I expect. To model the same behaviors while we’re on lockdown as others, he continues to do his job and many other New Zealanders continue to do their jobs from the place that they are in lockdown. Do you expect him to be fronting for interviews? is a you know regular responses and I think, including Q and A this morning was a no show. Oh they keep him keep in mind of course that I think Q and A has had myself and I had the Minister of Finance. there is no lack of members of the government continuing to make sure we’re available every. Day to continue to answer the questions that the public and yourselves have the Minister would you expect him to be fronting on stories like that? That is a matter of course, yes, and he will continue to do so, but you also have a range of other ministers, including myself consistently available to us to answer your questions. except what does it look like and I know it’s early discussions but given your your summary today, what kind of things would you be looking for in other in time frames? And there are those that are playing to see and so you’ll be getting that information in real time, essentially only a few hours after I do so things like case numbers, so it gives us a sense of the right of transmission and whether or not we’ve been able to slow that down and then we’re looking at what’s happening with community transmission and also at the success of contact tracing for our clusters. All of that information will tell us whether or not we have got control back of covered nighting in New Zealand. Whether we’re in a position to move to different elite levels, I’m wanting to dig deeper into some of what we need to be looking for. That’s where I’ve asked the Ministry of Health alongside our experts and those in the science field to help dig deeper into the criteria we need to use as a country to have confidence when we move levels pointer, you’ve been told when you get a much better idea about the right to commit the true rates of community transmission, given the ramping up of what’s happened well actually already. I think you know you can see. Your positive right relative to the number of teeth that you’re undertaking us a direct general to touch on this as well in some countries, for instance, 50 percent of the T S a positive. so that really gives you a sense that that they are their ability to test broadly in their community is constrained by just how big the outbreak is so we have a high rate of testing what we want to make sure is that we’ve got enough regional spread in their testing. So if these areas we were not seeing enough data that we spreading out the. Testing so that it can give us the intelligence we need and that’s worked at the Ministry of Health is doing as we speak during. Did you know? do you wanna touch on that point? though you’re just a few the comment on it. so I think they’re the key things will be looking for of course the number of new cases and especially as they’re testing has ramped up and we’ve seen the positivity rate drop at the same time. we haven’t been finding more cases. So if you think yesterday we had around 50 new cases with around 3000 tests done now, that’s a positivity rate of just a. One percent whereas when artist numbers were it was around three percent, which is the level of a South Korea. so that’s one thing and also we’ve got our surveillance plan now being geared up and so some of it testing we will to use as well to inform what’s happening on the surveillance and the other thing is just also that looking into those clusters and into those cases still under investigation to find out if we, for example, assume they were all community transmission. We are they what’s the geographical pattern. The age distribution and so on and what are they telling us so they might give us an indication of what might be happening over the next two weeks. you start to follow him on the flip side as Cabinet considering a level five. Do you have a contingency for tighter restrictions of this is as tight as it gets This is as tight as it gets you’ll see that relative to other countries that have used lockdowns. This is equivalent to what you’ve seen in Italy and the likes of Spain and that News. Relative to those countries having have really been applying the rules by and large and so the goal of this level is to reduce down the contact as much as possible, but continue to look after the welfare health and safety of New Zealanders. That’s a level we’re at what we need to do is get down from this level. anything like or anything like a 20 – four hour stay-at-home. Oh look no one wants to see that kind of level of extension that seems to Countries we are the original rose haven’t been applied and haven’t been followed. I know New Zealanders, the reason that they are reporting where they seen on compliances because they want to maintain the exists that they currently have to the outdoors and we do too. As long as people stick to the rules, we should be able to maintain it. The case definition is being widened on Friday just within that short period. is there any indication that can be transmission is increasing way too sensitive and if that’s the case. Sort of push out the the judgment on coming and look down a little bit further back so the case definition was formerly widen on Friday, but actually we had communicated at earlier in the weekend. You saw that testing started to ramp up from the Middle of the week again. the positivity rate is still has dropped, but even with that wider testing, which is good and we have still seen the majority of cases are Associated with international travel or confirming close contacts and in particular family transmission within households, which is. What’s happened overseas? That’s where most of the transmission is happening, so we haven’t seen a big jump in community transmission, but we will be looking closely at those as yet, those cases that are still being investigated to see what they’re telling us. There’s been more less the same to 18 percent right so that isn’t really think it’s a proportion so the number is going up slightly, but that just reflects the time it takes to roll out international travel or close contact as the as the cause and then they’re classified as. Transmission 18 up to 18 percent community transmission I would expect it that a good proportion may well be community transmission. The important thing is where that is happening whether it’s in one or two locations or whether it’s more widespread. Yeah. yeah last weekend are we saying that this weekend as well? the numbers have still been got good this weekend, so still a lot of testing happening and what we’ve seen is more. community based assessment is actually opening up so there is more exist to tasting over this weekend then there was last week I think we are affected as well ah because we can only these people who are who are coming forward for testing and those community um testings stations and some people still behave like a weekend is different than any other day so we can only teach those who are making themselves available community based testing of course we are making available Seven days a week, but some people are still accessing GPS connects boosts their families or partners together. Previously, you’ve said that they can see each other during the walk down, but the New Health Act daughter actually doesn’t include this anymore. So has there been a change allows it when one of the people lives alone? So is there cuz they’re gonna change why the change to affectively criminalize so many relationships my understanding was that there was consistency between sheet for instance, sheet arrangements guidance that had already gone out and she had set. Where you have more than one piece two different households coming together, so my understanding is that that was consistent. It’s not there’s no amount of that, in fact, daughter from their health, the vision that I saw there was allowances for shield bubbles, but I’m happy to go back and look, but my understanding was that that is actually consistent with what we had. I’m having a chicken. publish criteria businesses. can see things are gonna be better. Yeah. look I do. Expect to be quite transparent around that because people need to know what it is. We’re looking for and as we have been transparent with the elite levels as they stand and so yes, that is guidance that I am likely to share but what I want to make sure is that we’ve really got a framework that is agreed upon that can then be should most of it is is obviously information that will already have what’s happening with case numbers and community transmission as we’ve seen to be able to tell people with us or not, it’s looking. You’re coming out. Yeah. I’m happy to be. yeah. I’m happy to be very clear on this. firstly. I’ve had a lot of rumors that they might, for instance, be extinctions already no decisions have been made at the point at which will be exiting level for because we have to rely on the most up-to-date data that we have and we not at a point yet where we can see the full impacts of a literally before let alone make that determination. But what I can say is that the more people can. The more likely it is that we’ll be able to come out at the time that we’ve seen what I’ve also said Is there maybe circumstances we suit in regions depending what’s happening with cases and clusters may stay in longer than other regions, But again, it depends all on our ability to risk control bag of transmission of covid- 19, with a lot down as being left or extended prize for 40 – eight hours if you see for instance, an exponential growth in cases, then A signal to New Zealanders, we haven’t seen it, but there are other signs that we need to look for to make sure that we have wrested control back of covered 19. you’ll see that other countries. I understand the likes of Singapore are looking to move into a face like us. I’ve called it the suitcase breaker, and that’s exactly what we are doing. We are getting control back, so we can then make sure that we continue to stamp out Covid- 19. We’re not doing contact tracing one. Need to increase the best feature around a thousand cases a day using the lights of apps. What do you make of that? Well, as I talked about was certainly increased our contact tracing capacity and we continue to increase it but our maximum number of cases of new cases we’ve had each day is probably today is the highest number 80 – nine. So we’re not clearly now we need that thousand limit we continue to increase it. We’ve got a hundred and 90 people now in addition to those in public health units so plenty of capacity to contact trace based on the numbers, we also have the ability because we’re moving it on to a digital platform to expand that should we Break down Tell us Do you think well, I think a couple of comments on that first of all. I think that if you look at both the ethnicity breakdown end of the age breakdown of our cases, it reflects that a great many of our cases where people returning from overseas over the last two or three weeks in particular, I I expect that we will see the Mardi and Pacific proportions start to grow as we see more close contact confirmed close context confirmed indoor community transmission compete with other. Countries lots of balloons right is very low. What do you put that down to well two things. First of all we are much earlier in in in an outbreak than they are because we had put measures in place much sooner, but secondly also we’ve got a much better idea than they have of the total number of cases, and I think there’s agreement around the world that we you see what appears to be a disproportionately high number of deaths compared with the overall case numbers. It’s very clear. they’re not finding all the. I think much closer to finding the majority of all all of the cases than other countries. what advice do you have for people who think it’s funny to spit on em. It’s not funny and you will be arrested. How do I sell I can cool completely. It’s completely out of order. You understand the acting Immigration Minister Australian Immigration Minister’s statement on temporary visa holders in Australia. Do you do you understand that affecting New Zealanders in the effectively tells unemployed or casually previously casually employed workers to leave Australia to compare well, it struck me that they’re actually applied to anyone any New Zealander who had been affected that may not be eligible for the job. Keep a program and that could be a wife. Number a wide range of New Zealanders and I think what he do well to remember is that if they wish for Australia to be in a position to gear up in the aftermath of the outbreak, then they’ll need a workforce to do that and New Zealand is make up that workforce they on average, earn more and pay more taxes than others. they are a key part of the Australian economy and I would have thought they wouldn’t want to be so quick to lose them. The second point I would make. Is that New Zealand is also make up the health workforce and that there are some, for instance, who won’t be being kicked on cuz they may have been involved in contractual arrangements and the health workforce and in a leaked of services and then I would have thought again would be a workforce that they would wish to keep. Oh happy day you take them back, though. Yeah, I’ll just yeah. I’ll come to you on midwife Smith Midwest telling us that they’ve got more work at the moment because they’re heading to do. Home births and even things like shopping for an expectant moms and they haven’t got any extra government funding, though, in a really crying out for that, What do you say to them? well? what I can say is we’re looking at all our work forces including primary care work forces like midwives to see what is happening in terms of the funding they are getting and also what might be what additional support might be needed and if some of the activities they’re doing and once they wouldn’t normally do like the shopping, we’ll make sure that there are other options for them to ensure they can they. The women that are looking after getting the all the care and support they need in the front. I have two spots in 10 days for. And these online tutorials evening, there’s some concerns for our preschool talking you said that’s an area that even from the beginning of being a little before we were mindful of what I might look to do is next week have the Minister of Education given update on some of the work that’s been done to overcome the digital divide. We never wanted a situation we distant learning relied on having solely on devices because they will be those who may have had access issues. good work has been done on providing resources much more broadly, but I think I’m. Let him come and shoot some of it with you. I’m hearing from people arriving at the border. they’re still conflicting advice between health line Ministry of Health, the code site and even Robertson on Friday, People being told different things about whether they can leave their home during the first 14 days. Yes, some I can so that they can as this kind of inconsistency helpful, especially for such a harvest group by what they. They can do, but also for compliance those and that is because there are different guidelines depending on whether or not US symptomatic and quarantined versus those who are in self isolation. These people who are not symptomatic have been sent home with a plan and there are self isolation roles and some say they can stay home. They have to stay home for the first 14 days. Some advice is that they can go out for a walk. Bloomfield. Maybe yeah. go ahead don’t promise. So if there is inconsistency, we will clear that up. I can be very clear cuz I was asked. There’s a couple of days ago these people are treated as if they are close context, they should be selfish isolating even from the other household members Andrew and maintaining their physical distancing and other infection control approaches Yes, they can go out for physical activity, a walk around the block by themselves. they should be avoiding all close contact or physical contact with anybody else, including your own family members. They certainly shouldn’t be going out to exist, essential services and list. of course they need to access health care, and which case that. Support of the point of call is to do that over the phone, and that was actually the advice that we had for people who came into self isolation from the time that we put our first border controls and in February, what might be getting confused is that people who are symptomatic air in quarantine are being treated obviously, as you’d expect with much stricter requirements. Oh sorry, I did size coming to you here on local cases are telling stuff that they’ve been asked by the Ministry not to kind of spread, tell people being out of cases actually. Numbers have been keep the DHB levels. Why is that as a private public website, though that’s just not you know Town by town legal all customers, it’s clear, though that’s publicly available you can see with those clusters are we speak about them frequently? So maybe I shouldn’t you know free cases in the town is that a privacy matter or is that it leaves it to them. We do provide quite detailed breakdown of the cases on our website by DHB region. Now for some small DHB. of course, there’s a. Alignment between a major town and the DHB and embroider regions in southern would be a good example, which covers a number of different local authorities. the then it may be harder to find exactly which towns, but yes, there is a their privacy issues here if you’ve got two or three cases and a relatively small town, I think it’s important that people’s privacy is respected. One thing I would say, though, is this if this information is being stored so that people can have more or. ah I am concerned about the way they behave the way they reply the roles we need everyone take is they have covered nineteen little someone in the town so actually I am having information should not change the way people behave we need everyone to consciously what what do you have to think about relaxing ah they would be making a huge assumptions about we are using this currently none of us have been willing to rush to judgement and so neither should the public and equally we sit inside aside this time frame for good reason. the evidence tells us this is how long we have to stick tightly to a lately will fall for us to get control back and for us to heighten the chances of coming out of this really restricted period of time given the Google Analytics evidence. How impressed are you with New Zealand’s compliance? Oh, you know I from day one have thought that the effort New Zealanders have put into this has been incredible. The fact that they moved so. The fact that everyone understood why this was so important. now we need to just stick to it. You know you’ve seen other countries like for instance, the UK, The Sun comes out people wish to go outside. it’s important that no matter what the environment is like we need to stick to the requirements of elite level fall because it it improves our chances of getting out of the solutely will just help support services that you’re going to be rolling out. Obviously the people who use those sorts of services and know exactly where to go the right people are it might be people sort of partway through this lockdown now. Interaction with those sorts of people and this is all very new to be how are you going to target people that don’t have any understanding of how mental health support works actually empower actually hand over to Doctor Bloomfield to talk on that a little bit more, but one of the points that I make so many of these services are accessible in a lockdown situation and so for mental health services, 1737 is still the place to go and it’s so important that actually that’s now Telehealth Service also You feel more comfortable with your local GP. Many of them have put in place the ability to get consultations and do that digitally over a computer and over a suicide is designed to be able to have face-to-face context so that they can see you and see how you’re doing so you can still use familiar services but they just might be provided in another way. Just to just to read today. we’ll be sure to have both a range of channels where people can access those services and also really good information about how to do that. Not just the 1737, but the results really a range of online resources and we’re looking to push out some some additional ones as well this week and we’ll give detail on that in the next day or two. new systems in place by the end of this way. Oh yes very much. so we just have the last couple of questions you asking on behalf of Turkey on behalf of confidence that is reliable. I’m very confident in our testing. we have a really good range of labs around the country and just just a. Testing doesn’t start another tree and this is a credited and certified and and that the testing process has gone through the appropriate regulatory assessment. so I’m very confident and we have our ES as our reference suburgatory for all other labs across the country. Can you tell during the lockdown and I have taken walks and I’m expected other New Zealanders would have taken a little bit of time to go outside and get some fresh year We are. People do it local and that they keep it safe. Do you have anything else that you can tell us about the Crosstrek cluster. I’m sorry. I don’t at this point that the information will go up on our website. Okay. Okay last question over in the corner. Yeah, what does day one of moving down a lovely was look like and what kind of planning has been done around there intensive planning and as you can imagine what we need to make sure first that we have all of the criteria we need in all of the different thresholds really interrogated and that’s the work we’re doing at the moment cuz I’ve. Is she the obvious ones, but we wanna look at another level again? I’m sick and so that’s the that’s the decision making point then you’ve already seen the framework for elite level at three looks like we need to make sure therefore that we have all of the guidance that the insects around that what I would ask, though, is that government is not government alone. that has a role to play in there. so we’ve already asked some parts of the education sector to do some planning for what different elite levels will look like for them and. They can help us with, for instance, intensive contact tracing will need to be able to do no matter what level we’re at over the next period and so I ask all businesses have a look at the elite level framework think about how your business could successfully operate within each keeping in mind, we will need to for many months to come be able to contact Trace all New Zealanders who come in contact with one another and work places have a plan that okay. Thanks everyone. Sorry. I have a lot of questions on behalf of this place. It really need to put them up front. I’ll give you one but in the future if we could if we could put them up front a bit more. Fuji announced yesterday that a woman, a 20 year-old woman who returned their from Oakland on the 20 -second of March, went into media isolation. she could have only contracted the virus in Oakland, his contract tracing being done for this woman and how confident are you that Cobo 19 is contained in months specific cases. I couldn’t give you the answer to a specific case unfortunately, because with little prior warning, these are things that we can look into but obviously what we did say for those at the border traveling into the Pacific that we had those additional screening. No one should be traveling symptomatic and Actually a prerequisite for all flights carriers across the across the globe. Now no one should be traveling symptomatic, but I’m sure the director general could follow up on that just one other point there in state each country has its own international health regulations focal point so whenever it is a situation like this where someone is has traveled from a country to another, there’s an a formal notification made to kick off any contact tracing that might need to happen in any country where that person has been has come from. Yeah, look at the cute.

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