As of April third 2020, the World Health Organization reported a total of 970 – 2640 confirmed cases of covered 19 globally were 50320 – five deaths on Saturday, April fourth 2020. Simon recorded one confirmed confirmed case case case of of of covered covered covered covered 19 19 19 19 19 out out out out out of of of of. of 16 16 16 16 samples, samples, samples, samples which was sent for testing. which which which was was sent for testing the individual is. fifty six year old female who is a contacts of one of our previous confirms over nineteen cases she was brought in for testing through the conceptualising team this confirms case brings a national total of confirmed covered nineteen cases to fourteen She’s currently in isolation for the management of her keys and is in good spirits all cases currently in isolation are responding well to their treatments and continue to do well. None of the confirmed cases have complicated or required respiratory support. No has any of the cases progress to death. Saint Lucia has zero deaths of covered 19 to date. The Senate has has approximately approximately approximately 200 200 200 persons persons persons persons in in in in facility facility facility facility facility based. based based based based quarantine, quarantine, quarantine. quarantine a A. a group group of of 80. 80. Facility based guarantee with this charge on Friday, April third and another group of 13 individuals have been discharged today Saturday, April fourth. All persons currently enrolled in facility based currently doing well and have not displayed signs or symptoms of covid- 19 in accordance with global standards and protocols testing is not required for these individuals are testing is done when they developed symptoms of the virus to to ensure ensure accuracy accuracy of of destiny destiny The Ministry of Health, we continue the active surveillance of communities to identify potential cases of covered 19 to bring persons in for testing While this is being undertaken, it is important that every individual adopts behavior, which will limit the risk of new cases emerging, we continue to advise the public to focus on the mental means of standard recommendations to prevent the spread of covid- 19 infection These includes. regular hand washing with sopan water or the use of alcohol base hand sanitizer we also advise the public to work with us and stay at home avoid areas where there is crowds and avoid all possible contact with other persons this we limit the spread of covered nineteen here in samosa as always the department of health and wellness we will continue continue to to provide provide a a regular regular updates updates on on copied copied nineteen nineteen

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