COVID 19. My opinion

I have been in contact with Drs. from Washington state, listening to Dr. Radio on the Sirius radio and also listening to a presentation of a Dr. in New York. I have also fought viruses for 30 years.

The Gist of the story is that it’s communicable very similar to other viruses. It’s 10 to 50 times more potent. It can get lower in your respiratory tract, meaning pneumonia and worse.

I have fought viruses for 30 yrs in my pediatric practice. We have had several corona viruses in the past (of course none as bad as this).

My personal observations:

-If you are 6-12 feet away from a person not coughing for short time less than 15 minutes it is hard to catch the virus.

-Wearing a basic mask does have some protection but not as much as the N95 mask.

-Any symptoms of an upper respiratory infection in a family member should be isolated in a room. Have a separate bathroom. Have no contact with other family members. Gloves and a mask for the infected person when they come out of their room would be good. Or washing hands multiple times.

-Illness in any family member needs Isolation for 18 days. If they can get a COVID test; great 👍🏻

-If someone in my family tested positive I would recommend a camper outside the house, bring them food and leave by the door and others self isolate.

-When you must leave the house for important stuff, I would recommend to take your clothes off when you come home and wash them. Then you would need to take a shower or wash your hands to your elbows and face.

-Leave shoes at the door. Wear slippers, socks or shoes that you dont wear in town (droplets of cough or sneezing fall to the floor).

-Rarely did I get an illness from a patient.
I wash my hands 30-40x per day.
But over the years I did get illnesses mostly from family members.
I once went 8 years without a cough. I used 1000mg vitamin C twice a day, all winter & Zinc lozenges.

-Soap kills the virus.

-Some people are washing grocery containers (maybe an overkill, and may help a trace, but just use soap and water; dont waste your precious wipes.

-Chlorox can kill virus; mix 5 tablespoons bleach per gallon of water per CDC covid website. But after mixing it only works for 24 hrs. Original container can last 12 months.

-If I felt a virus coming on, I would skip cafeine for a few days to let my body fully rest.

-If I missed sleep, I would likely get sick.

In summary

Keep distance, vitamin up, sleep well, soap up, and quarantine.

Dr. Mike Lanza