As of 4PM today, August 02, 2020, the Department of Health reports the total number of COVID-19 cases at 103,185.

A total of 5,032 confirmed cases are reported based on the total tests done by 70 out of 94 current operational labs.

DOH likewise announces 301 recoveries. This brings the total number of recoveries to 65,557.

Of the 20 deaths, 14 (70%) in July, 3 (15%) in June and 3 (15%) in
May . Deaths were from Region 7 (15 or 75%), NCR (4 or 20%), and
Region 4A (1 or 5%)

There were seventy-nine (79) duplicates that were removed from
the total case count. Of these, eight (8) recovered cases have been

Moreover, One (1) case that was previously reported to have recovered has been validated to have died and already included in the count ofnew deaths.

These numbers undergo constant cleaning and validation. See More

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