The Minister of Health of Costa Rica confirmed a total 660 positive for Covid-19, 317 women and 343 men, 604 Costa Rican and 56 foreigners. Fourteen patients remain in intensive care.
The death of a fifth patient was also informed the afternoon of this Sunday, April 19; the deceased was a 69-year-old Costa Rican man from San José who was diagnosed March 25 and remained in intensive care since March 28. The victim had high blood pressure as an underlying condition.

So far, all the deaths registered are two 87-year-old males with previous health conditions, a 45 year-old male who had no underlying health problems, and another male senior citizen 84 years of age.

In total, 112 patients have now recovered, and 7,142 people have tested negative. San José and Alajuela remain the two counties with larger number of positive patients, 87 and 74 respectively, while Desamparados and Santa Ana follow with 44 and 39 cases.

The sanitary restrictions in place for this upcoming week remain the same; during the weekdays the restriction will be from 5 a.m. and 7 p.m., vehicles will be restricted by license plate numbers following the usual order that vehicular restrictions have, meaning:

Monday: Cars with plate number ending on 1 & 2 (are restricted)
Tuesday: Cars with plate number ending on 3 & 4 (are restricted)
Wednesday: Cars with plate number ending on 5 & 6 (are restricted)
Thursday: Cars with plate number ending on 7 & 8 (are restricted)
Friday: Cars with plate number ending on 9 & 0 (are restricted)

Weekends will see complete restrictions except for going to supermarkets, pharmacies, and health centers, and again will be limited by license plate numbers, in this case, plates ending on even numbers (0,2,4,6,8) are restricted on Saturday while cars with plates ending on odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) are restricted for transit on Sunday.

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