The Housing Department has received confirmation from the GHA that one of the residents at Albert Risso House has tested positive for Covid-19. The resident is currently in isolation at home at will be monitored closely by medical staff. How the tenant has contracted the virus is currently being investigated, but initially it seems that the person could have contracted the virus via something that was handed on.

After careful consideration and following advice from Civil Contingencies, the Housing Department and Housing Works Agency will, with immediate effect implement a series of stricter measure and a semi lock-down in the four main pensioner blocks to avoid the risk of contamination and spread of the Coronavirus amongst the residents.

As landlords, our main priority is to protect the wellbeing of all our tenants and would like to continue to be as supportive as possible. It has come to the Housing Department’s attention that there are still a minority of residents of theses estates not following the guidelines and measures implemented by Civil Contingencies and Public Health and therefore putting all other tenants at risk of contamination. In view of this, we have therefore implemented measures to reduce the risk of spread of the virus in all areas.

Starting this evening wardens and security officers will be manning the main entrances to the blocks 24 hours a day. All other entrances and exits will closed until further notice.

As from tomorrow, no one will be allowed into these residential blocks to leave goods at the doors of the residents. Only carers and essential services personnel will be allowed access into the blocks. COVID-19 support volunteers have been recruited to receive goods at the entrance to the estates from family and friends and will be responsible for the delivery of goods to residents after sanitising the goods.

The Minister for Housing the Hon Steven Linares commented;
“This afternoon I personally called the resident concerned to express my well wishes and speedy recovery. The reply was that of a concerned elder and naturally frightened. The extra measures our Ministry has taken is to protect our tenants, I therefore ask all residents to stay indoors and keep safe”.

Residents are urged to stay indoors. If any resident feels the need to come to the corridors to do some exercise, this should be done on their own. It is not necessary to wear a mask as some have said on social media. Just follow expert advice.

Tenants are reminded to wash their hands regularly and follow the advice offered by Civil Contingencies and Public Health.

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