BREAKING: 4th Coronavirus death in Guyana; 59-year old succumbs at Diamond Hospital

A fourth person died from complications of the coronavirus this evening at the Diamond Hospital, medical sources have reported.

It was the second death for the day.

The 59-year-old man passed just hours after a 78-year-old woman died at the Georgetown hospital.

The Diamond and Georgetown Hospitals are two of the main medical facilities being used to isolate persons who test positive for the coronavirus.

The two deaths came on the same day that the Public Health Minister announced an increase in positive cases in Guyana from 12 to 19 within 24 hours. She also said that as of the 30th March, a total of 70 persons were tested for the deadly virus.

News Source understands that the number of positive cases could climb sharply in the coming days.

On Tuesday, the Director of Medical Services at the Hospital urged staffers to take the necessary precautions against the virus as the hospital was expecting a surge in the coming weeks.

There are reports that President David Granger is getting ready to announce additional and tougher measures to force citizens not to gather in large groups and to practice social distancing.

Guyana recorded its first case and death from the coronavirus on the 11th March. The second death occurred yesterday at the Georgetown Hospital.

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